The renaissance of hand crafts

Embroidery, crochet, lace, knitting, weaving or sewing – the desire for hand work and textile crafts is revived. Hand crafts are no longer considered as conservative leisure activities or crocheted oven cloths. The long tradition of varied techniques of hand work and crafts nowadays offers so much more than table runners, cushions and borders.

Needle work and innovative techniques in crafts can be realised with the most versatile array of fabric and threads of all different kinds of make and colour. And the most ancient techniques are recalled to use for trendy accessories or unusual home decoration. ‘Do it yourself’ is fun, trendy and stress relieving.

Amazing what you can do with thread. The MADEIRA hand embroidery threads are fancy and functional at the same time, unique in their modern presentation and remarkable for their beauty and multi-purpose application. Even the less experienced hand embroidery enthusiast will be inspired to creativity and to transforming even the most outlandish ideas.


MADEIRA invites you to download instructions sheets for beautiful, up to the minute creative idea patterns. Choose from the following categories (German only)

Machine Embroidery

Hand Embroidery

Knitting & Crochet