Polyneon No. 40

200 m (220 yds) Art. 9845
100 % Polyester

Polyneon is your first choice when you need a resistant thread for embroideries on frequently washed textiles. A strong thread perfect for machine embroidery, quilting, decorative stitching and appliqué. Polyneon colours remain brilliant even after repeated exposure to sunlight, chlorine and washing and add a radiant burst of colour to sports and active wear. The durability and strength of Polyneon resist abrasion and make it the ideal thread for hotel linen as well as safety and workwear garments.

Polyenon is the perfect thread professionals choose for their home sewing and embroidery machine. For best results we recommend the use of the MADEIRA universal embroidery needle #80/12 and the fine MADEIRA underthread Bobbinfil No. 70.

160 single colours
10 fluorescent Neon colours
10 Astro colours


Polyneon fluorescent Neon colours

200 m  (220 yds) Art. 9845
100 % Polyester

Fabously fluorescent colours, made for striking neon embroidery even highly visible in daylight. At dawn or when the weather is bad, embroideries made with Polyneon fluorescent colours have extremely high visibility. Ultra violet light, like in bars and discotheques highlight Polyneon’s remarkable fluorescent effect.

10 fluorescent Neon colours

Polyneon Astrocolor

200 m (220 yds) Art. 9845
100% Polyester

Stunning and ever changing colours throughout the spool develop very impressive pictures  on impressive embroidery. The Astrocolor effect is manufactured with a complex colouring technology and provides a fascinating astonishing colour play within the same spool.

Large embroideries, decorative seams, patchwork and quilting become absolutely unique masterpieces as no two creations will be identical using Polyneon Astro colours.

10 Astrocolor colors

Polyneon color card
product information

Why Polyester threads?

Most embroideries are stitched with viscose rayon threads, but for certain uses we recommend a Polyester embroidery thread (Polyneon No. 40). Polyester is strong enough for extreme washing procedures using chlorine and heavy mechanical treatments and is therefore often used for workwear, table linen and white towels.


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Universal Embroidery Needle

All-purpose embroidery needle of best Titanium quality for use with Rayon, Cotona and Polyneon.

Starter Set

Samples from all 12 stabilizers for creative work

Special Embroidery Scissors

Double curve enables precise work for highest demands.

Temporary Adhesive Spray

To temporarily position appliqué and fabric during embroidery, sewing, quilting, patchwork.


Prewound bobbins eliminate the need to wind down underthreads.

Thread Box Polyneon Astro Color

Give a magical appearance to all your sewing with astro colours.

Embroidery Hoops

The spring mechanism clamps the fabric well and allows easy release.

Stable wash away stabilizer for embroidery without hoops.