Quality at fair prices

Aerofil is MADEIRA’s top quality branded sewing thread, manufactured to the highest values, made from 2 ply premium Polyester core twists and runs expertly on all sewing, overlock and quilting machines. 

Manufactured using an innovative, high technology production process, Aerofil sets the standards for quality in sewing threads including Ökotex environmental responsibility.  Aerofil is extremely strong and produces seams that lasts. Aerofil is the right choice at the right price for a fine and even quality sewing thread that meets the highest demands on durability, consistency and seam resistance. The special finishing treatment of Aerofil guarantees optimum abrasion resistance and unparalleled sewing performance on all fabrics.

Aerofil Sew All Thread and Aerofil Extra Strong are two reliable partners and supplemented by the transparent sewing thread Monofil, perfectly meet all special requirements posed on sewing whether by machine or by hand.


MADEIRA invites you to download instruction sheets for beautiful, up to the minute creative idea patterns. Choose from the following categories (German only):

Machine Embroidery

Hand Embroidery

Knitting & crochet