Aerolock Premium Overlockgarn

2500 m (2734 yds)   Art. 9128
Premium overlock thread
100% polyester core spun

For neat and long lasting overlock seams
Only use quality products for your creations! The most beautiful patterns and exclusive fabrics are wasted if the seams disintegrate after a few washes. With Madeira's new Aerolock premium thread, you obtain neat and long lasting overlock seams. Aerolock is a top quality corespun thread and only this construction guarantees longevity even if the seam is frequently washed and heavily strained. Aerolock is sturdy and works perfectly on all sewing, overlock and coverlock machines.

18 colours

Aerofil color card

product information

Treasure Chest Sewing Thread

Holds Aerofil sewing thread spools separately and allows easy removal and replacement.  

Quilt Box

Portable thread travel box fully assembled with MADEIRA's sewing and quilting thread.   




Hand Gauge

Versatile dressmaker tool measures and sets distances for marking hems, tucks, pleats and buttonholes.

Spool Plate

Convenient spool holder accommodates spools and cones.