8 colour thread assortments

The MADEIRA thread boxes provide the embroiderer with a selection of the most popular colours of beautiful  MADEIRA embroidery or durable and strong sewing threads at most reasonable prices. Smart buys, with a great price advantage over the purchase of single spools. Each box comes with short descriptions on the back how and where to use the thread and makes a wonderful gift box for embroidery enthusiasts.

Thread Box Metallic Opal

Art. 8010
8 spools of 200 m (220 yds) ea.

Metallic ‘opal’ shades is a precious selection of eight sparkling opalescent colours out of the MADEIRA exclusive Supertwist  thread range. A festive and shimmering metallic thread that comes to life with flashes of sparkle. Ideal for embroidery, festoon work, ornamental seams, and many other decorative applications on all home sewing machines.

Thread Box Metallic Soft

Art. 8011
8 spools of 200 m (220 yds) ea.

Metallic “Soft” is a beautiful highlighting thread which looks just stunning. The secret to its appearance lies in the black viscose centre covered by a soft and fine metallic polyester foil. Give your designs a really special finish by using Metallic “Soft” on your sewing machine – it’s suitable for all makes.

Thread Box Metallic Classic

Art. 8012
8 spools of 200 m (220 yds) ea.

Metallic “Classic” is MADEIRA’s traditional metallic thread for all sewing and embroidery machines.  It contains pure silver, which gives a rich and elegant sheen to all your work.

Thread Box Spectra

Art. 8013
8 spools of 200 m (220 yds) ea.

Spectra thread gives your projects a different dimension. Its holographic foil finish reflects light from all around casting its own spell. Spectra will run smoothly on all sewing and embroidery machines if the sewing speed and tension are reduced slightly.

Thread Box Heavy Metal

Art. 8014
8 spools of 100 m (110 yds) ea.

 “HEAVY METAL” is the most hardwearing metallic thread in the world! It can be washed at high temperatures (up to 95°C/210°F) and is resistant to bleach and chlorine. A special twist construction gives your sewing a shining finish, and makes it ideal for use on sportswear, jeans and all fabrics subject to heavy use and frequent washing.

Thread Box Polyneon Astro Color

Art. 8015
8 spools of 200 m (220 yds) ea.

Polyenoen Astro Colour is a high quality machine embroidery thread made from 100 % polyester.  Its extraordinary dyeing process produces stunning and ever-changing colours throughout the whole spool. Give a magical appearance to all your sewing with “Astro Colour” - every embroidery will be a unique masterpiece.

Thread Box Aerofil Extra Strong

Art. No. 8016
8 spools of 100 m (110 yds) ea.

Aerofil Extra Strong is MADEIRA’s top-quality branded sewing thread for use when the job is really tough. Perfect for buttonholes and decorative finishes, it’s also ideal for sewing seams in leather and denim.

Thread Box Aerofil Sew-all

Art. No. 8017
8 spools of 400 m (440 yds) ea.

Aerofil Sew-All thread is MADEIRA’s top branded sewing thread, manufactured to the highest standards. The thread is extremely strong and smooth and runs perfectly on all sewing, overlock and quilting machines.

Stabilizer Starter Set

Samples from all 12 stabilizers for creative work.

The perfect weight sewing thread for your overlock or coverlock machine..

Temporary Adhesive Spray

To temporarily position appliqué and fabric during embroidery, sewing, quilting, patchwork. 

Universal Embroidery Needle

All-purpose embroidery needle for use with Rayon, Cotona and Polyneon.


The fine bobbinthread for professional results in embroidery.  

Embroidery Hoops

The spring mechanism clamps the fabric well and allows easy release.

Spool Top

Handy spool cap to secure smooth thread release. 

Metallic Needle

Embroidery needle for metallic threads. The special construction prevents thread breaks and guarantees the best embroidery results.  

Premium Quality Scissors

22 carat gold plated, nickel free so kind to the skin.  

Spool Plate

Convenient spool holder accommodates spools and cones. 

Universal Sewing Needle

Needle for all sewing projects

Seam Ripper

The essential tool for quilters and sewers. Perfect for effortless seam unpicking. .